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Lumina Luxe Active Hoodie
Lumina Luxe Active Hoodie

Lumina Luxe Active Hoodie

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About this product

**Why We Love It:** Illuminate your active lifestyle with the LuminaLuxe Extra Warm Active Jacket Zipper Hoodie. Inspired by the brilliance of a starlit night, this jacket combines shimmering elegance with high-functionality to ensure you stay warm, while your style remains undeniably radiant. Crafted with a keen attention to detail, its superior insulation battles the cold, while its sleek silhouette ensures a contemporary flair.

**Fit and Features:** - Streamlined fit that complements the body’s contours, optimizing movement and comfort. - Advanced insulation technology providing exceptional warmth without the bulk. - A versatile zipper front design, paired with a cozy hood for added protection against the elements. - Subtle luminous detailing, echoing the jacket's starry inspiration.